About Us

Derly's Nature Oil LLC is a Black Owned Company  founded in July 2021 with one well-chosen goal and objective, to help Women and Men all around the globe reaching their maximum Hair Goal and look their Best selves. Our Company is located in the United States of America.


Back in 2019, Our Founder-CEO, started using her handmade Hair Growth Oil and Curl Refresher . At the start, this Company was only an idea in the mind of our CEO. Long story short, before 2019 after she tried so many Hair products on the market with no results , she decided to start her own Healthy Hair Growth Journey . It was not an easy task to fulfill , much research was done, in order to find the most necessary/accurate information. Finally, she then was able to formulate her own Ayurvedic Hair Growth Oil and Curl Refresher. These Hair Products are made with Natural/Organic Herbs that come from our Mother Nature. Here at Derly’s Nature, our goal is to make our customers Happy. Below you can find more information about Our Hair Products. 


Our Hair care products are made for all hair types and are the best hair care products on the market. They are handmade with high quality, organic and unrefined oils, essential oils, and organic herbs, that are scientifically proven efficient for Hair Growth. 

is infused with ayurvedic herbs for days at a time, our Hair Growth Oil is very strong and potent. Derly's nature Oil will stimulate your scalp and promote hair growth. But we strongly recommend our customers to have a good hair regimen in order to see maximum results. 

DERLY'S NATURE CURL REFRESHER is made with Aloe Vera juice infused with herbs, glycerin, rose water and essential oils. Our Curl Refresher will hydrate, moisturize, soothe, detangle, and condition your hair and scalp. It is great for dandruff, itchy scalp, reduces hair loss, postpartum shedding. 

DERLY’S NATURE recently came up with other great products beneficial for your skin. 

" We believe in the power of nature"