What is the hair growth oil good for does it work and when will I see results? 
yes, the hair growth oil works for all hair types. It will grow your hair longer and faster, stop hair breakage and maximize hair length retention. Results may vary but must people begin to see results within 3 weeks. 

to use the Hair Growth Oil?

- Separate hair in section , apply drops of oil then follow up with a scalp massage.

What if I get an allergic reaction from the Hair Growth Oil or the Curl Refresher? 

- In case, of any allergic reactions, please discontinue usage immediately. 

Can I use your products on my Locs? 

- Yes, Derly’s Nature hair growth oil & curl refresher are made for all hair types. 

Can you tell me what the Curl Refresher will do for my hair? 
- Of course, the curl refresher will moisturize your hair ,stop sheddings,  it also promote hair growth. You can use it with the hair growth oil to see faster results. 

Can I use your Hair products if I have alopecia?

- We highly recommend you talk to your doctor if you suffer from alopecia. 

I purchased this item right before they went on sale.  I have not received my product yet.  Is there anyway possible I can get the sale price? 

- No, Buyer will not get the sale price if purchased was not made when the product(s) was on sale.

- Buyer can only get the sale price when products are in sale. 

Does the Sunny Fleur Oil works? 

- Yes, it works to treat problematic skin such as( blemishes, face and body acne, eczema, psoriasis, dry skin/patches, reduce stretch marks appearance, body fungus, scars and more ). 

Can I use the GLOШ-me kit  for maximum results ? 

- Yes, the GLOШ-ME kit is essential for your skincare routine. You can use it on your face and body to maximize your results. And it works fast. 

Can I use my gift card to purchase and where?

- Yes. Our gift card can be used online only.

How can I access my gift card, and when will it expires?

- Once you have purchased your gift card , you will receive an email with your gift card code. It will expires in 5 years after purchased.

Where are you located?

- We are Located in the United States of America.  Indianapolis Indiana. View Our Contact Us page for more Information and details. 

How to track my package if I live in UK - UNITED KINGDOM ?

- For UK customers , use this link : https://www.royalmail.com/

to track your package (s). 

What is the product Shipping Price?

- Shipping Prices are calculated at checkout. Once buyer get to the checkout page , shipping prices will display and fluctuate based on buyer country/ location. 

Why am I being ask to pay an extra fee from the carrier? 
- Our International customers may subject to pay for import duties and taxes, when the item arrives at the destination country’s customs also named ( DAP). 

How much oil should I Put on my scalp? 

- Our Oil is very strong and potent. Therefore we recommend using the oil with moderation and a little bit goes a long way.

What is a potential time frame before you see some growth results? 

- Results can be seen  less than 30 days , we recommend using our products up to 4 times a week.

My Hair has fell out due to stress and meds, do you think your oil will work for my hair?

- Our products work for all hair types, but for scalp issues ,we do recommend that you consult your health physician before using our products.

Can Children use the Hair Growth Oil and Curl Refresher? 

- Yes, Children 6 months and up can you use both products. 

How to use the Curl Refresher?

- Spray curl refresher from roots to end, to hydrate scalp and hair strands, apply as much as needed, then style hair as usual.

Why am I seeing Route Insurance Protection Widget on my cart before checkout?

We have Install Route Insurance Protection on our online store for our customers, to make sure they have insurance coverage in case their package(s) get lost, stolen, or damaged.

Is the Route Coverage Free?

- No. Route is not free, Buyer/customers can decide to purchase it/ add it to their cart to have coverage before checkout. Coverage is low as .98 cent. Only add Route coverage protection to your cart if chosen local standard and International Economy shipping at checkout. Standard/Economy does not have coverage if buyers did not add Route Protection in cart before checkout.

If I am Having issues with Filling a claim with Route Insurance? 

- Use the link here to reach out to their customer service :


Does my Package(s) have insurance coverage if I choose Express shipping at checkout?

- Yes. Both Local and International Express shipping have insurance coverage (protection).

When will I receive my item?

- Local Shipping within the US takes, 3-5 business days for standard shipping.  International shipping takes 2-7 business days , View our Shipping policy for more details. 

Why Haven't I received my packages yet ?

- All packages are shipped through USPS and UPS. Once the product leaves our warehouse , we are unable to control any of the delivery process. 

What do I do if I entered the wrong shipping address?

- If you put the wrong address your package(s) will be returned to our warehouse and you will then be issued a full refund within 1-10 business days.

- You can request package(s) to be resent to you in the ( correct) updated address free of charge for the first return. 
- For later returns or additional returns after the first one a $7.99 fee will be deducted per return package if not a partial refund will be issued to buyer ( refund will be issued for items purchased only shipping and taxes are excluded.)

What do I do if my package(s) get lost or stolen in the hands of the carrier before it is delivered ? 
- For lost or stolen packages, you will be able to summit a claim with USPS, link can be found in the Refund Policy.  Carrier will be held accountable to provide a full refund to the buyer, only apply for Local/ International Express shipping.

If Buyer added the Route Insurance/Protection Coverage before checkout , he/she can summit a claim via route app by using this link below:  https://claims.route.com/

How do I get a refund? 

- All sales are final , once product/ products has been received. We only process a full refund when packages are returned to our warehouse by USPS or UPS due to incorrect, insufficient address. 

Do you sell in different Currencies?  

- Yes. Our Store default currency is USD . Scroll down to the bottom of the home page and in the drop down select you country/location currency. 

What if I Cannot find my Country/location Currency in the drop down? 

- We do not sell All over the world. If you cannot find your currency in the drop down that means we do not sell in your country/ location.

Does your store translate in different languages?  

- Yes we do translate in many different languages besides English as our default language. 

What if I can't find my country Language? 

- Please note that our website automatically translate based on buyers Country/Location . If that does not happen automatically once you are on our website home page , that only means we do not ship products to your country. 

Should I start using products on clean hair( wash, Deep condition)?

-  For first timers, we recommend to use our  Derly’s Nature Oil and Curl Refresher on clean hair.