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Good product

Kristi Abercrombie
The best

I love these products when I say I dnt use anything else man I do not . This product has tremendously grew my hair it is the best ever , I have been searching for good products so long an I finally found a home . Thank you derlys

Good product

I like the product hince why this is my second purchase. My favorite thing about it is the fragrance and it keeps my natural hair well moisturized.

Package secure

Package was secure and protected. Came nicely packaged no damaged at all.

Perfect gift

I was always watching this shop and products. I am a mega fan of all natural everything. In the past I bought the ebook and it was very explanatory and informative. Now I got the products and I must say they are amazing. I honestly love them. It’s sooo hard to find products that are great for natural hair. I’m such a natural supporter that I literally only want natural stuff from the earth the most high has blessed us with. These products are a blessing and are made by blessing hands. Thank you for all you do. Second update is coming. So far I only been using it for 3 days of course you want see results that soon but yes will update in 30 days the results. But so far my scalp has been feeling nourished, healthy, and brought back to life.


My hair loves this hair treatment. Feels divine on my hair. I defo recommend 😊👍🏽

Absolutely ❤️ it! Fantastic products. Customer for life

My hair feels so much softer and moisturized. No complaints.

I use on my brows daily but not sure if growing

Love this and I use weekly. Not sure but I think my hair is growing

Love love love the mask

Use daily and I love the way my hair stays moist

Love this oil but not sure if working on my edges it’s been 3 weeks

Absolutely love how this moisturized my hair

Haven’t yet used not sure if I like mixing the Powder.

Arrived unharmed

Love how the soap bar doesn't melt away so fast in the shower. You feel so clean after washing with this soap and it helps with ance too.

Grew My baby Hair

Hair is growing beautifully thanks to Derly’s Nature Oil

New Growth like crazy

The Aloe Mist is life

Grew My Baby Hair

Hair is growing beautifully thanks to Derly’s Nature Oil

Moisturizer Cream

OMG my 4C hair feels sooo good since I’ve started using this moisturizer!! Y'all these products are the truth.. 🩷

Give it a chance

This product took some time for me to get use to. The smell of the face oil is strong. Putting the anti aging cream on after the oil helped tone down the smell. The clay mask made my skin look brighter. After the clay mask, I used the toner, oil, and anti aging cream and my skin looked more hydrated and blemishes were even smoother. However the next day my skin was dry. I wasn’t happy about that so I used the products I was using before. Well 48 hrs later I decided to give the Glow Face Kit a try again. My skin looked good and hydrated. I continue to re-apply the oil and anti aging cream as needed throughout the day and I’m starting to like it. The product instantly give you an even skin tone. My hyperpigmentation isn’t really noticeable when I use this product. I can’t wait to see what the products continues to do for my skin. I plan to get their entire skin care kit. I would say give your skin about 3-4days to get use to using a new product. You might not think it’s working at first but your skin needs time to adjust to the change.

Eczema cleared up in 2 weeks

After using Sunny Fleur Oil on my child eczema flare up, I saw results in 2 weeks. The Sunny Fleur oil also smell good, yes I would recommend.


Love this